Greenlandic Music     

We at recommend listening to Greenlandic music while doing allunaariaqattaarneq. Here are some of our favorites, which are available from Atlantic Music Aps


Fronted by two guitar-playing brothers, these guys are the best thing to happen to Greenlandic music in the last five years


This guy sings in English and has put out a 3 or 4 CDs from a while ago.

Aqqaluk Heilmann

Made his debut CD in 2012. Aqqaluk is a kayaker who also does allunaariaqattaarneq. Look up his scores for 2003, 2004, 2010.

Chilly Friday

Maligiaq Padilla's favorite band. They haven't been recording recently but have made several album in the past.




One of the best female vocalists in Greenland. Her CD Eqqissineq a classic.

Rasmus Lyberth

Perhaps Greenland's greatest voice. When performing to foreign audiences, he acknowledges they won't understand his lyrics, but says, "Just close you eyes, we go to the stars" and he proceed to take them there.

Stinne Jakobsen

She competed in the kayaking competition in 1996 and 1997 but didn't try allunaariaqattarneq. She now lives in Denmark and hasn't recorded in many years.


Another fine female vocalist.


A rapper from the far north.

Simon Lynge

Folksinger who sings in English.


A compilation CD of traditional drumming.