Roll #35
Nusutsinneq kinngunani iluarisamut
Not done under International Rules

English Name -
Walrus pull


Still Photos of Set Up and End Positions

Competition Point Value

9 points on either chosen side

Judges Criteria

Kayaker must maintain control of kayak and recover with a single brace, not letting kayak completely overturn

Spectator Notes

A dramatic reenactment of what happens if a hunter gets the harpoon line caught on the kayak and becomes pulled by the target, which could be as large as a walrus. In the battle between human and animal, a kayaker who loses control after being dragged under would have little chance of surviving. In this exercise a line is attached to the kayak and pulled from land by five people. Not only does the competitor have to resist the substantial pull, steering the kayak to remain perpendicular to the rope is also critical.

Difficulty Level