Roll #3
Kinnguffik paarlallugu nerfallaallugu
International Rules - Roll # 5, Entry Division

English Name -
Standard Greenland Roll


Still Photos of Set Up and End Positions

Competition Point Value

2 points per side

Judges Criteria

As in the other competition rolls, the paddle may be extended as much or as little as desired

Spectator Notes

Another unique feature of the Greenland paddle is the way the hands can slide to the ends without letting go. Extending the paddle can be done in a smooth natural motion, which increases the leverage for easier rolling. The paddle used by a seal hunter was often fitted with bone tips for reinforcement against abrasion from ice and rocks. In order not to break off the tip a hunter never cupped the end in his hand. Likewise to get credit in competition, cupping in not allowed. 2 points per side.

Difficulty Level