Roll #23
Assammik masikkut
International Rules - Roll # 27, Expert Division

English Name -
Hand Roll, starting forward, ending forward


Still Photos of Set Up and End Positions

Competition Point Value

7 points per side

Judges Criteria

second hand can not slap water to help

Spectator Notes

The same series as with the throwing stick but using only the hands. Whitewater paddlers use an alternate method of rolling with their hands. They tend to forcefully slap the water and use both arms. That technique is related to the different hull shape of whitewater kayaks as well as the separate class of conditions and hazards that whitewater poses. Here you can see, especially on the layback version, how little energy the Greenland style hand roll requires. 7 points per side. The score total starts to climb quickly with the high value rolls towards the end of the list.

Difficulty Level