Roll #17
Pallortillugu assakaaneq, 10 sekund iluanni, kisillugit
International Rules - Roll # 24, Expert Division

English Name -
Speed Storm Rolls


Still Photos of Set Up and End Positions

Competition Point Value

1 point per roll, minimum of 3

Judges Criteria

Timer starts when head hits the water, each roll is considered completed when head comes out of water. No penalty for doing extra rolls past the ten second time allotment.

Spectator Notes

Ten seconds to do as many storm rolls as possible. Scored at one point per roll but a minimum of three rolls are required. Photographers take note: speed rolls are your best opportunity to get a good still shot where the water is dramatically draining off the arms, paddle and head of the kayaker. Just keep clicking all the way through the ten seconds and you are bound to get something useable.

Difficulty Level