Roll #16
Qaannap ataatigu ipilaarlugu
International Rules - Roll # 23, Expert Division

English Name -
Under the hull sculling Roll


Still Photos of Set Up and End Positions

Competition Point Value

5 points per side

Judges Criteria

extend paddle as much or as little as desired

Spectator Notes

Some easy rolls look impressive. Some hard ones look like no big deal. This roll is in a third category. It looks really cool, and it is quite difficult to learn. It also has historical documentation. A European missionary observed it being done in Greenland over 200 years ago. Even back then kayakers enjoyed demonstrating their skills in front of an audience. Under-the-hull-sculling may or may not have had a practical application, but most of us would agree that a roll that looks this fancy does not need one. 5 points per side.

Difficulty Level