Roll #1
Innaqatsineq, aalatsilluni
International Rules - Roll # 1, Entry Division

English Name - Side Scull


Still Photos of Set Up and End Positions

Competition Point Value

2 points per side

Judges Criteria

at least one shoulder needs to contact water

Spectator Notes

The first maneuver to perform in competition makes use of the exceptional sculling ability of the traditional narrow bladed paddle. By making repeated back and forth motions while letting the blade angle vary slightly the kayaker can generate enough support to keep from tipping over. It is true that side sculling can be done in any kayak with any paddle but look how graceful and effortless it gets in a low, thin Greenland style kayak. The paddler lays right down in the water rather than struggling to hover over it. Side sculling is scored at 2 points per side. Contestants are not required to attempt everything listed. They can pass if they do not know a roll or do not want to try it on both sides.

Difficulty Level