Caution: Allunaariaqattaarneq aka Greenlandic Rope Gymnastics if done carelessly, incorrectly, or with inadequate equipment can result in injury. You are responsible for your own safety. The creators, administrators, and contributors to cannot be held liable for any misfortune you incur.

Ropes Specifications

Distance between uprights: 3 to 5 meters (about 10 to 16.5 feet)
Up to 6 meters has been used on occasion.
Height at ends: 2 meters (78 inches)
Height from ground at lowest point in center, without weight on rope: 1.2 meters (47.25 inches) Rule changed in 2011 from 1.4 meters.
Diameter of rope: 10 to 15 millimeters. 5/8" is often used, although it is slightly thicker than 15mm

Ropes Recommendations

Many many years ago allunaariaqattaarneq was done on harpoon line made of bearded sealskin. When it became available various types of rope were used instead. Among the choices of nylon, polypropylene, hemp, cotton, polyester, or other exotic materials polyester is recommended. It has a surer grip than nylon and also stretches less. Hemp and polypropylene should be avoided as they are very rough on the hands. The best rope is a specially formulated type of doubled braided polyester known as "SPECTRUM SHOWBRAID" available from Sapsis Rigging Inc. in Pennsylvania. (800-727-7471) Get about 50 feet of 5/8" diameter. It sells for a bit more than one dollar per foot plus shipping.